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Broadband Internet Information of Lithuania

Lithuania is one of the largest and most populous country which is situated along the southernmost of the three Baltic States in Northern Europe. The population of this country has an estimated more than 2.9 million people.

Country's small telecommunication market is among the more developed in Eastern Europe and it is started when web connections established. The internet of Lithuania was introduced in Oct 1991. On that day the satellite equipment was installed on top of the Parliament building that connecting the country directly to global computer networks and the net speed. After 1991, Lithuanian network's development started and various institutions connected in.

Today, Lithuania is one of the global leaders in Europe in terms of the fiber-optic (FTTH) broadband connections network penetration. The growth of country's broadband internet speed has been mainly large so much thus country now firmly holds the 1st place in Europe based on high speed internet subscriber as total population's percentage of it. Today, the availability of internet speed access via the range of technologies in various forms such as DSL internet (dsl speed), dial-up connections, ADSL internet (adsl speed), ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network), ADSL broadband speed etc.

In 2005, Neltes tinklas Lithuania launched nation's first wireless 3G technology in the country. This 3G technology is taking the internet speed to a new level and offers high speed internet connections, supports full mobility and data transfer speeds of up to 3 Mbps. In June 2006, Bite has also start to upgrade 3.5G technology based on a nationwide network.

In 2011, TeliaSonera has launched the first commercial 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution) service in Lithuania. This 4G system succeeds the 2G and 3G families of standards, offers super-fast wireless broadband service, high data transfer rates and enables a fully-connected world where nearly all of our digital devices are mobile-enabled and a result have to become more integrated, affordable, ease of access and flexible into our daily lives. According to the average internet speed test rate, Lithuania takes the 4th place in the European Union and the 9th place in the worldwide with speed up to 45.11 Mbps (megabits per second).

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As per the dospeedtest, internet speedtest Lithuania or broadband speed test Lithuania or dsl speed test Lithuania (till 27th Nov 2011), some of the most used ISPs (Internet Service Provider) are TeliaSonera, Splius-Uab, UAB Cgates, UAB Airnet, LTD Elekta, KAVA, TEO LT-AB, Kli Lt-Uab, UAB Baltnetos komunikacijos, Init Corporation, OMNITEL Net etc and according to that, average download speed Lithuania is 35.83 Mbps, average upload speed Lithuania is 35.45 Mbps.

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# data till 27th November 2017 from dospeedtest tested from Lithuania