Which Country Has the World’s Fastest Mobile Internet in 2019?

The speed of the internet defines how enjoyable your experience will be as an end-user. If an application or website is not opening, users normally tend to skip it.

However, internet users are quickly surging with around 1 million people daily coming online for the first time and switching to mobile internet for easy access.

It is found that about 5.11 billion unique mobile internet users in the world today, that is a rise of 2% compared to the past year. So, you can understand how it’s necessary to have a faster internet speed on mobile these days.

With this in mind, our dospeedtest has brought you the list of countries having the world’s fastest mobile internet in 2019.

Look at the list of countries with the world’s fastest mobile internet in 2019 to verify if your country is giving enough speed on your smartphones!

#10. Switzerland

Switzerland has already shown that it deserves a European leader position in the next 5G networks and the operators here already has 90% of 4G availability.

The main operators in this country are Salt, Sunrise and Swisscom Mobile. However, among all, Swisscom has won the mobile download speed experience as per opensignal reports.

At the end of 2018, the penetration of mobile internet was nearly 132%. Currently, the average mobile download speed in Switzerland is 57.09 Mbps and upload speed of 21.25 Mbps. It ranks 10th in the list with countries having the world’s fastest mobile internet in 2019.

#9. China

Cost-effective mobile phones are probably an answer to the rising internet population in China that has just crossed shocking numbers of nearly 854 million internet users in 2019.

Holding the 9th position, China has the means mobile download and upload speeds at 58.44 Mbps and 18.93 Mbps respectively.

In fact, over 90% of the population spend their time on smartphones doing activities like messaging, listening to music or video downloading. This shows how mobile internet coverage is an essential factor of everyday life in the country.

#8. Croatia

Mobile penetration in Croatia is among the highest in the Balkans Region and is more uniform with the rest of the European Countries.

Furthermore, mobile subscriptions increase by 7.2% annually and are also said to be higher with the entry of low-cost mobile operators.

Meeting the regular usage from your home or work, mobile internet Croatia offers awesome download speed at 59.83 Mbps and upload speed at 17.03 Mbps for better mobile user interaction.

#7. Netherlands

Though it may be small, Netherlands flaunts one of the most advanced mobile network facilities and continues to impress mobile users with excellent internet download and upload speed of 62.86 Mbps and 16.28 Mbps.

All of its four operators fall into the very good mobile download experiences, including live video streaming.

On a survey, it is stated that the total number of mobile connections is 18.20 million as of 2019 and this figure is calculated to boom by more 1.3 million mobile users by 2024.

#6. Canada

While laptops and desktops are in demand, mobile devices are still the best choice for internet access in Canada. According to the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA), almost more than half of all Canadians surf the web using their mobile devices.

Nearly 48% of people go with instant messaging, online purchases and other activities using their smartphones, tablets or other mobile devices.

However, addressing these ever-multiplying needs, the mean download speed for mobile is 67.57 Mbps while upload speed is 15.23 Mbps.

The country stands 6th for which country has the world’s fastest mobile internet in 2019.

#5. Australia

Ranking solid 5th in the average mobile download speed, Australia is a home to some of the fastest, competitive telecommunications in the market delivering exceptional mobile internet.

The rise of mobile internet usage started a peak since 2011 which now has reached 18.17 million till date.

Additionally, besides having a number of internet services providers, the biggest one in the online market is Telstra Corporation Limited (Telstra), which is also the country’s biggest telecommunications company.

Consumers here are getting mobile speed as good as mean download speed at 68.87 Mbps with enough upload speed at 16.67 Mbps.

#4. United Arab Emirates

Like any other country, the internet has completely reshaped the digital world in the United Arab Emirates with around 9.52 million people are using the internet. Out of which, a whopping 8.75 million UAE citizens are active mobile users. It sounds incredible, isn’t it?

Considering the most favored mode of connecting to the internet, people over here are completely comfortable with their smartphones. A reason for this could be that the plans are a little bit convenient as per user requirements. For the UAE, while the average broadband connection speed is just 90.27 Mbps, the average mobile internet speed is 69.72 Mbps.

#3. Norway

Norway has started its first-ever internet journey in 1971 and since then, it has grown incredibly well in the internet markets in terms of smartphones as well as fixed broadband connections.

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At the average mobile internet speed of 72.80 Mbps, Norway is standing 3rd in the record of countries with the world’s fastest mobile internet in 2019. Its upload speed is measured which is 18.86 Mbps.

On seeing unbelievable development in smartphone users, it is predicted that the number of active mobile internet users will soon cross 4.64 million from 2018.

#2. Qatar

Despite the considerable foreign population, varied businesses and modern lifestyle, internet access is very widespread in Qatar, really.

Over 4.27 million mobile connections are registered as per the year 2019 among which 75% are prepaid while 25% are postpaid.

Vodafone and Ooredoo, are the two leading operators providing appropriate mobile internet packages. You can opt for the data plan that best suits your requirements.

If we talk about the speed you can get through mobile, Qatar ranked 2nd with the average download speed of 77.07 Mbps and upload speed of 21.49 Mbps.

#1. South Korea

No doubt why South Korea claims 1st position as the fastest mobile internet since the speed the country provides is tremendous. Currently, it has an average mobile internet download speed of 117.79 Mbps and an upload speed of 18.95 Mbps.

And not only you’re getting faster internet, but also get a chance to pay little for your internet access. The major internet service providers here are SK broadband, LG Uplus and KT Corporation.

Also, it’s reported that 78.13 percent of the population has accessed the internet from their mobile device in 2017 and this amount will grow to 81.92 percent in 2022.

Though, the best part is, South Korea has faster and more affordable internet than Americans!

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Usually, Statistics can be different from country to country. The tests may include users who access the internet via mobile several times a week to those who access only once within a period of several months.

I hope you got the answer to which country has the fastest internet in 2019. Check out if your country has got lucky to have on this list.

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Source data from: Ookla’s Speedtest Global Index, November 2019