Which Country Has the World’s Fastest Internet in 2019?

We know how the internet is a vital part of better online experiences as lives nowadays revolve around the digital world itself.

No matter if online working, socialism or any of your digital needs, everyone wishes to have the fastest internet speed at minimal spending. The web, internet, is of course worldwide, but often internet speeds vary based on in which country do you live.

And, we, at dospeedtest, are back with our list of countries with the fastest internet in 2019.

As per Ookla’s Speedtest Global Index, the world average download speed over fixed broadband increased 37.4% while, upload speed has a rapid growth of 50.2% for November 2019. So, whether you look for truly a faster connection or simply to compare yours with the rest of the world, read on to the list of countries with the world’s fastest internet in 2019 for fixed broadband:

#10. Hungary

Out of 207 countries tested, Hungary stands at 10th position in our list of world’s fastest internet in 2019. Despite being relatively small, the European country has made it come up in the ranking than last year.

The average download speed in Hungary is 128.42 Mbps, which means, you can download even heavy video in just a few minutes. Isn’t that great? Though, the upload speed is also as good as 65.05 Mbps.

Above all, Hungary is among the top tourist destinations in Europe and also is home to World’s second-largest thermal lake.

#9. United States

Don’t be surprised if you see the United States ranked 9th as the fastest internet country. Fixed broadband speeds are getting faster and network performances have improved a lot in the US till now.

In fact, service providers are doing infrastructure improvement of internet cables to offer the utmost surfing experience to users.

Having few top tech hubs, the average internet speed United states includes, download speed to lock in a whopping 129.81 Mbps while upload speed is 48.41 Mbps.

Nearly 312 million people use the internet in the United States that is higher than the figure for the year 2018, 275 million.

#8. Liechtenstein

Another country in Europe, Liechtenstein, is gradually growing in terms of internet access and internet users. In the year 2018, there were roughly 16,500 broadband connections as per reports.

With the average download and upload speed of 130.50 Mbps and 96.12 Mbps respectively, it stands at the 8th rank to this record.

#7. France

Like most countries, France, in addition to its rich history and fashion houses, offers great internet usage to the public since 1994. Indeed, the average broadband speed has increased in France than the last year.

If we talk about the internet speed, then it’s nothing phenomenal like a massive download speed of 131.03 Mbps. You can get the average upload speed here at the 87.69 Mbps. It occupies 7th position out of the list.

#6. Switzerland

Home to many banking and finance industries, Switzerland is among the best-connected ones in Europe with efficient broadband performances. Therefore, no doubt that you look forward to it as one of the fastest internet countries in the world.

There is no limit on the internet, hence the order number is #6 in our listing. In 2018, people in Switzerland have enjoyed an average download speed of 73 Mbps.

And, now this average internet speed is 144.34 Mbps you can get, plus upload speed is as appealing as 92.60 Mbps.

#5. Romania

Much of the Asian and European countries are enjoying much faster and better internet speeds in the world, including Romania. However, the fixed broadband in Romania is far cheaper than in the US and UK.

Moreover, the average download speed Romania is reached to 147.87 Mbps, up 13% compared to 130.6 Mbps in November 2018. Additionally, average upload speed has also improved from 98.4 Mbps in 2018 to 111.57 till November 2019.

As Romania’s speedy internet is far impressive comparatively United states, It’s our well-deserved candidate to hold on #5 rank!

#4. Monaco

Monaco has played a long-term goal on fixed broadband with reliable internet and fiber-to-the-home access to all users.

All credit goes to Monaco Telecom that has launched a quality of 1Gb/s to accelerate the download of 2Gb movies in just 17 seconds! That’s incredible!

Earlier, by Q1-Q2 2018 the average download speed over fixed broadband in Monaco was 130.05 Mbps. Now, it’s meeting the fantastic 151.24 Mbps download speed and 78.67 Mbps upload speed.

Due to which, it boasts 4th in the list of world’s fastest internet in 2019.

#3. Hong Kong

As a modern telecommunication hub, internet usage in Hong Kong with a range of fastest download and upload speeds is highest and booming amongst the world.

Despite being best in the economy, the country comes up with the best average download speed at 157.64 Mbps. However, upload speed is as good as 153.32 Mbps.

The broadband speed basically has a steady rise of 13.7% on a yearly basis. Because it has the highest and well-speed internet, Hong Kong should be on 3rd number.

#2. South Korea

South Korea ranks on 2nd position with its super-duper fast average internet connection speed, just after Singapore. In fact, as of 2017 report, it’s also resulted that the country has four times faster speed than the world’s average speed.

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Though besides the fastest internet, it also has cheaper plans so that the user can have better internet experiences at lower rates.

However, broadband speeds are even getting quicker nowadays in the country. The average download speed South Korea is just mind-blowing at 164.12 Mbps. Upload speed is equally staggering at 114.88 Mbps.

#1. Singapore

And, here’s our winner of which country has the world’s fastest internet in 2019 with an amazing download speed of 193.21 Mbps and upload speed of 201.54 Mbps. Not only this, but the internet connectivity rate in Singapore is as higher as 99%.

No doubt that this “Lion city” is the best in many ways – a tourist place, transport hub or business and finance haven. But, it’s also a vibrant digital economy to offer faster internet speed you can ever imagine.

So, here is the article you got on which country has the fastest internet in 2019. Have you found your country on this list?

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Source data from : Ookla’s Speedtest Global Index, November 2019