What Is Net Neutrality And Why It Is Important?

Everything you need to know about net neutrality

The internet is the pervasive and most powerful platform on the planet, which is simply too great to be left without rules and without a referee on the field. If you are not aware of about net neutrality, don’t worry. Here we are going to tell you…what is net neutrality and why it is important???

It was the time of 1980s and 1990s, when the internet started to take off. There were no specific rules that asked that ISP (internet service provider) should follow the same principle. But, just because telecomunications operators were also ISPs, they adhered to the same principle. This principle is known as net neutrality.

The Internet is built around the notion of openness. The purpose of the World Wide Web is to connect people and enable them to exchange information and their ideas freely, as long as the broadcast information is not illegal.

All of this is possible because of Net Neutrality. If you are someone who spends a lot of time on the net surfing, or if internet is an integral part of your life, you should consider net neutrality and think deeply about preserving it at all cost.

What is Net Neutrality?

Net neutrality means that your ISP (internet service provider) does not control the traffic that passes through its servers. Whenever a web user connects to a website or web service, they get the same speed as on any other website or web service. This is pretty much like how telephone operators have operated since telephone systems were first introduced.

No matter who you call on your telephone, the President of the United States or a drug dealer in Miami, you get the same access to both. The telephone operator cannot pick and choose, or block access to a particular number or delay connection to another, unless required to by the police for a specific reason.

Additionally, net neutrality also means the same thing. Your broadband provider cannot pick and choose which website or web service you connect to. The data rate for all websites or web services on the internet, whether it is  www.google.com or something as obscure as www.pluky.com should be the same. No website or web service on the WWW should be prioritized over another.

Your ISP should give the same treatment to Facebook as a small online forum frequented by farmers in Nigeria. Users should be able to access every website or web service without any interference of any sort from the ISP. In small word any ISP cant control your Broadband speed for particular websites.

Some countries have strict rules that enforce net neutrality, but most countries don’t. It is not the requirement by law, but is based on a gentleman’s agreement between all ISPs. It is just how things were always done on the net. In fact, it is the tradition of the internet and it is hoped that the practice continues.

What if there’s no Net Neutrality?

We don’t even want to imagine the consequences of a world where there’s no net neutrality. it has made the World wide web a truly global network and allowed people to freely express themselves on the internet and conduct online business. Net-neutrality promotes openness and transparency on the net.

If some one try to net neutrality, the ISPs can pick and choose which websites or web services their users can get access to. For example, an ISP can divide the Broadband into several packages – those who buy the most expensive package can access the websites based in the USA, those who buy a basic package can only access the websites in their own country.

There can be another package for accessing Facebook, and one more for doing something we take for granted, such as a Google search. As you can see, the consequences of not having net neutrality are too dreadful to contemplate.

Doing away with net neutrality would make the internet like your satellite TV connection, where you need to buy separate packages for news channels, entertainment channels or sports channels. Not having net neutrality would pretty much signal the end of the freedom over WWW as we know it.

Future, There are many who say that initiatives such as Facebook’s Internet.org are an attack against net neutrality. But we believe ordinary people all over the world will fight against any attempt to do away with net neutrality and it would be a very unpopular move. Indeed, we expect all national governments to bring in laws to enforce net neutrality, if required to.

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