Use Internet Speed Testing – Know Why

Internet usages are not new to the world now. The consumption have gone far off and the world is presently experiencing the revolution through this medium. Apart from the regular media, internet has become a huge market for the giants and also gives the equal place and space to the relatively newer businesses.

In such a scenario, the internet uses and internet speed testing can have many benefits for the businesses.

Why Internet Testing is important

The users always prefer to the search which they can do in the short duration of the time along with the relative contents. This not only saves the time but also creates the permanent entry into the mind of the users using the sites.

Hence it is utmost important for the sites to actually put up the show on the basis of the content keeping the user experiences in mind.

Like if the site contains the heavy files like pictures and videos, it becomes important for them to test internet connection speed with which the server is taking the user to the site. It also becomes essential in businesses to see the generated traffic and the connection speed of those users also.

The gathering of the data for a particular connection type is also important when the business starts becoming huge. Hence the slower internet connection options should also be made available to the user so that user visits too often on the site and relishes the experience being on his site.

Ways to predict Broadband speed

There are many ways to predict broadband speed. You can ask your internet service provider to give this information. Or, download the file and understand the time being taken by the internet connection to actually download or upload the files. Similarly, there are many sites available around the world; which provide this data with just one click. So why to bother to call your internet service provider and know the information.

Using the internet sites which provide you this data, you can also question the speed at which your connection is working on and the amount of money you are emptying from your pocket for the specific connection speed. You can also measure the drops which come while using some web connection through these sites, amazingly at any time!

Further you can differentiate amongst the ISPs who provide the services in your area. So choose them carefully using the sites which give you the best results for your internet speed testing.

For the businesses which are purely dependent on the net usages, in order to upload the new content on the site and also for the faster update, they must understand the concept of internet connection speed with which they are working.

The quality of the services also matter for the connection. Slower internet connection coupled with the bad services could make your business out of business. So think before you choose the web connection and always test the internet speed at regular intervals.

The people have become aware of the call drops and presently a case is being heard in Supreme Court in India wherein the telecom companies are facing the issue. The days are not far off when the same case could be placed in relation to the internet connection drops and the ISPs.

Steps for Internet speed

The government is implementing new plans based on the internet usages and the whole campaign of Digital India is based on that. How could an ISP which is not providing the right speed for the users can be spared off when the government is making efforts for the betterment of the people?

Hence net speed will soon become the sole criteria for the telecom companies to attract more and more consumers. The use of internet connections like 4G will add flavour to the taste of the people in such usages in India.

In the developed world the technology has gone very far and they enjoy much faster speed of the internet. The global leaders of net speed are South Korea, Japan and Sweden which provide the users to access the average internet speed more than 10 Mbps.

Do you know which country has world’s fastest internet in 2019?

South Korea is the leader in that and the average speed is more than 20mbps. In comparison to the same, USA stands at 5 Mbps and India stands at 2.1-2.3 Mbps. The comparative analysis suggests that at these places, people are paying higher for the slower internet connections in relation to the peers which are far ahead.

This creates the room for the internet using community to come forward and raise the issues with the government which has the basic duty to protect the interest of the people.