Top Android Apps to Boost Internet Speed

As the time passes, numbers of internet users are increasing. Number of mobile users is there in this world dealing with slow internet connection. It’s frustrating when your youtube video keeps loading while watching!

With 3G and 4G internet connections penetrating remote regions, mobile users can now access and browse the web at super fast speeds. However, there is no denying the reality, mobile network speeds can fluctuate based on your location and usage pattern.

Even those using top end android handsets report dropping network speed, interrupted downloads when they are on the move. This also happens with people using 4G LTE networks. No matter which Android handset you own, you may get enhanced internet speed by using specific speed booster apps.

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Below listed are the top Android apps that let you obtain better network speed.

Available on Google Play, some of these apps work only on rooted devices:

  • Internet Booster & Optimizer

    This app lets you prioritize the web browser in your device over other apps running. It helps pause to other apps accessing internet connection used by your Android device. It also flushes the DNS and cleans the RAM to optimize browser performance. This is a free app and has a tiny footprint.

  • Internet Speed Booster

    This app has a minimal design and is user friendly. It works with non rooted as well as rooted Android devices. The app helps kill unwanted tasks in the background so that you experience faster browsing.

  •  Free internet speed booster
    This android app helps speed up sluggish internet speed in your tablet or Smartphone. It enhances ping latency and thus enhances average web aces speed by as much as 80 percent. It also stops unnecessary apps in the background.
  • HSPA+Tweaker (3G Booster)

    It works well for those users who are still using a 3G network and feel hesitant to switch over to 4G LTE services. Your existing 3G connection speed can get a boost by using this app. It helps enhance VoIP performance on 3G networks. It also helps video streaming on these connections. It works when you access the net from mobile through WiFi hotspot from a laptop.

  • Internet Speed Master

    This app works by watering the device’s TCP/IP settings. It will lead to modification of system files. Initially, it was meant only for rooted devices, but now non rooted Android handset users can avail its benefits.

  • 3G Speed Booster

    This app helps you get better speedson existing 3G network so you are spared from converting to costlier LTE network for some more days! The app scans all background apps and then closes unnecessary ones, thereby allowing web browser to get more bandwidth. It can enhance internet browsing speed twice.

  • Network Speed Booster

    This app has a very simple UI and minimal install size. After installing this app, all you need to do is pressing the Start” button. It will then optimize your device’s internet speed.

Summing it up

As it is, not all of the aforementioned apps will work in the same way in each Android device. Aspects like hardware configuration of your device, type of browser used and signal strength will play roles behind the actual performance boost. You may also go through reviews on the web as well as Google Play to get an idea of the app’s efficacy.