Top 10 Tips To Increase Your Internet Broadband Speed

In this dynamic world of technology, it is a fact that internet broadband speeds are higher than ever before. Then why should we wait for a fraction of second for any action/work result. So, whether you are at home or office, having an intense and fast internet connection speed has now become an essential component of your daily life.

Have you felt frustrated that a file download takes too long, a web page takes long time to load, or that the video streaming is impossible to watch because of the constant buffering?

Yeah, at, we know just how it feels like, which is why we offer the world’s best internet broadband speed test checking tool. So, as promised, here are the top 10 tips to increase your internet broadband speed.

1. Check your internet speed

If you haven’t tested your broadband speed as yet, head over to, the world’s most accurate internet broadband speed test checking tool and check just how fast your broadband connection really is. This will allow you to compare your actual broadband speed versus what was offered by your ISP. Do you feel your ISP has shot-changed you? The only way to find out is to talk to them – which is our next tip.

2. Talk to your ISP

Are you not getting what you expected from your ISP? Call them, and ask them to send a technician to find out if there is any fault on the line. Also, it is possible that your package may be outdated – in that case, ask your ISP for a new package. Look for better and faster options.

3. Update your browser

Most of us fail to update our browsers when a new version comes up. So this really slows the time it takes to download web pages or to surf. It’s worse when the browser gets clunky. If you are still using Internet Explorer – it’s time to wake up! Download Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

4. Change your router position

Place the router in an area where its signal won’t get affected by obstructions such as walls and doors or interferences from other sources. Appliances such as cordless phones, baby monitors that emit wireless signals can play havoc with your wireless signals.

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Place the router as high as possible, on a high table or on a bookshelf. For example, if you want to maximise coverage of wifi signal across the whole house, try sticking it somewhere central, or top of the stairs. Whatever you do, but don’t stick your router in a cupboard.

5. Check your Wi-Fi settings

Take a look at the Wifi setting. Change the channel or tweak the settings to get the best broadband speeds. Something as simple as using a channel which is not used by your neighbors can really make a huge difference.

6. Secure your Wi-Fi networ

It is possible that you are sharing your wireless network with unauthorized users, and they are taking up a lot of your bandwidth – which is why your Wi-Fi network is so slow. So check and recheck the Wi-Fi network’s security settings. One of the easiest things you can do is to change the password and secure your network immediately.

7. Reduce the bandwidth unwanted usage

Did you know that there are several applications that run on your computer, such as Skype, which you have no idea about? They are slowing your connection considerably and taking up valuable bandwidth. One of the easiest things you can do to speed up your broadband connection is to find what’s running on your computer by opening the task manager (press Alt + Ctrl + Delete) and stopping the applications that you don’t require at the moment.

8. Use a Wireless Repeater, Powerline Adapter and Wireless Hotspots

Wireless repeaters are a great way to make your wireless connection more powerful. They help to expand your wireless range by bouncing your wireless signals over a bigger area. Also use a powerline adapter that uses the wiring in your house or building to send the wireless signals around. Wireless hotspots are a great solution as well, you can plug them into a socket in the room and they give you fast Wi-Fi signals, but they are expensive.

9. Avoid internet traffic jams

Avoid browsing in the evenings when most people are online, browsing the internet, watching video streams or chatting on the social media. That’s when the internet traffic is really high. Instead, browse in the morning or in the afternoon, when there isn’t much internet traffic – your broadband connection will be a lot faster during these times.

10. Switch to a new ISP

If everything else fails, then you will have little choice but to change your ISP. Shop around for the ISPs that have a reputation for reliability and delivering top broadband speeds. Choose a plan that you like best.