How to deal with a slow internet connection?

Does it take minutes for a website to load when you’re browsing? The most frustrating thing since the advent of the surfing is not having Internet. Do you find it impossible to watch a movie online without the video stream getting interrupted every few seconds or so because of buffering?

Sometimes, slow internet connections become universe’s cruel joke to destroy your productivity. Okay, no reason to worry, just follow the tips here to deal with your slow internet connection, and fix a slow internet connection.

Check the Internet Speed of Your Plan

It is possible your internet speeds are low because you’re using the wrong plan. If you’re not sure about which plan you have, call the customer support of your ISP and ask them about it. Next, come over to dospeedtest, a top internet broadband speed test tool and run a quick speed test.

Now, if the numbers on, and that claimed by your ISP match up, then your plan is slow and the only way to get fast internet is to pay for a faster plan. So go for a plan upgrade. Now, if the numbers don’t match, and what the ISP claims and what Do Speed Test throws up are entirely different, then read the rest of this article to find out how to fix a slow internet connection.

Check Your Modem or Router…

It is possible that the problem is with your modem/router. Reset your router and see it that speeds up the internet. If this does not speed up the internet connection, how do you know the router is at fault? It could be the computer’s fault as well.

To check this, test the other computers in your home as well. Are they are equally slow? Then the issue is certainly with the router, otherwise the problem is with the computer. If the problem is with the router, follow the tips here… how to speed up broadband connections. Also, consider the factors to choose best wireless router.

Fix the wifi Signal

Sometimes, the issue is not with the router, but with the Wi-Fi signal. If the Wi-Fi signal is slow, it slows down the internet consequently. Follow the tips given here… how to speed up a wifi signal.

Remove All Unnecessary Plugins and Apps that Eat Up Bandwidth

It is possible that you have downloaded and installed too many plugins and apps that are slowing down your internet connection. Ask yourself if you really need them. Download a software application such as CCleaner and clear all the temporary files from your browsers, Windows and the registry. Replace Microsoft Office with Google Docs and Windows Media Player with VLC Media Player.

Similarly, replace all apps and extensions that take up too much of the bandwidth with suitable low-bandwidth alternatives. Install extensions such as FlashBlock, which blocks many of the bandwidth-consuming ads, animations, and videos, which slow up the connection.

Secure your network

If you have wireless broadband connections, the first and foremost thing you should do is secure your wireless network. If you are unwittingly sharing your connection with unauthorized users then they will be using up valuable bandwidth. This means that the internet speed and download allowance could take a battering, not to mention the security threat this poses.

Optimize Your Web Browser…

If you are still using old version of browser, update your browser. There are updates being made all the time to your browsers, so using the latest version should always greatly reduce the time it takes to load and download web pages. Also, Internet Explorer users might get an instant boost by switching to Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, if you haven’t installed it yet, high time you did.

Next, optimize your computer for slow internet speeds by using a free service called Opera Turbo. Opera Turbo speeds up the browsing on slow internet connections, even on dial-up modems. You can download Opera Turbo free!

What If None of the Steps Given Here Work?

If none of the steps described above work, and your internet is still slow, it’s time to take action. Here’s what you should do…

Call Your Internet Service Provider

Call the customer support of your ISP and lodge a complaint with them. Ask to talk to the technical support staff and work with them to resolve the issue. Ask for a better deal on your internet, and if the speed claimed by your ISP doesn’t match what you get on the internet speed test tool, ask for a change of plan.

Look for a new ISP

If your ISP refuses to cooperate, it’s time to shop for a new internet service provider. Do look up the information on on the relative download and upload speeds given by the various ISPs in your region. Do your research and choose well.

Hope you find the information given here useful. If you have any questions for us, do get in touch with us by comment down. We will be sure to get back to you ASAP! For more blogs Click here.