The terms 3G and 4G are much talked about, but not many really understand what they truly mean, except for the fact that 4G is better, faster and more advanced technology than 3G technology. Well, that’s true, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you should exchange your 3G plan for […]


It’s been almost 25 years since the launch of the World Wide Web. Since then, the growth of the internet has been truly explosive and magnificent. The internet is such an integral part of our lives and popular culture and grown so much over the last decade and a half […]


Do you have a problem with your Wi-Fi signal? Do you find it slow and unreliable? It’s probably due to your router. The router is a device that brings internet to your many devices – laptop, desktop, Android, iPhone or iPad. Use these troubleshooting guidelines to solve wireless router problem, […]

Make your own mobile wifi hotspot Use your mobile internet connection to create a personal wireless network for other devices. A personal wireless network may be needed quite often. Personal broadband network can be used to quickly access the internet or to transfer files across devices when other wireless networks […]


How does browser affect internet speed ? Who wouldn’t love to watch their favorite show or download that much needed file in the blink of an eye? In the quest for fast internet speeds, we usually ensure that we have shopped around for the best ISP (Internet Service Provider) and […]


It is very disappointing to have slow internet speed than advertised. We usually found slower internet speed compare to advertised by broadband provider. In this case you have some legal rights but its depends on the actual reason for getting lower download speed. Broadband Speed is slower than advertised. Broadband […]