Is India Ready for the 4G Revolution?

Finally, the wait is over! We are glad to inform you that, 4G services will be launched in India soon by Reliance Jio. Other major players in Indian telecom sector such as Bharti Airtel, Vodafone and Idea are gearing up to launch their own 4G services. 4G is expected to transform telecom forever in India, but is India ready for the 4G Revolution?

The 4G revolution in India has had a much delayed start. The 3G and 4G auction had actually taken place together in 2010. 3G went live all over the country by 2011. But most of us have been waiting for 4G ever since. 3G is a great technology for sure, and does give a decent enough data speed. Though it is outdated in most of the world. It’s only in India that so many people still use 3G.

Why 4G Was Delayed?

There are several reasons for 4G to be delayed in India. One can blame politics – the 2G scam hit the Indian telecom industry really hard as 122 telecom licenses were cancelled by the nation’s highest court. That led to many telecom companies bowing out of the scene and the incumbents just fighting to survive.

Also, companies were losing their usual revenue streams such as SMS because of the popularity of new internet based messaging apps such as WhatsApp. Nobody had the resources to invest in something as expensive as a 4G service. That was until Reliance Jio came along.We have discussed how Reliance Jio has transformed the telecom scene in India and its battle with Airtel to launch India’s biggest 4G service. [ Airtel vs Reliance Jio – Who Will Win The 4G War In India?]

Main telecom players in India and how they have shaped up the 4G Revolution…

Reliance Jio

Reliance Jio is the company that set the cat amongst the pigeons as far as the 4G revolution in India is concerned. Before Reliance Jio targeted the 4g LTE space so aggressively, there wasn’t anyone who was seriously considering 4G as an option. Reliance’s purchase of the 2300 MHz spectrum allows it to launch 4G services across India.

Reliance Jio has already an investment of over Rs. 100,000 crore into its pan-Indian 4G network, which is amazing because the company is yet to officially take off and hasn’t sold anything as yet.

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Bharti Airtel

Airtel did launch 4G in Bangalore and Kolkata in 2012, but that wasn’t a good idea as the company was completely unprepared for what to follow. The LTE-TDD technology on which Airtel’s 4G was launched was inadequate and didn’t have much of a handset support, not to mention the fact that it was extremely expensive.

Airtel has learned from its mistakes and has now built up its 4G ecosystem with its purchase of the 1800 MHz spectrum. Airtel is now able to launch 4G in 290 cities across India. check Airtel internet speed test with dospeedtest.


Vodafone is the world’s #1 telecom company and a leader in the 4G LTE space globally, with over 300 million users in 18 countries. However, it plans to launch 4G LTE in select Indian cities this year.

Idea Cellular

Idea Cellular is the fastest growing Indian telecom company which finds itself under great threat from Reliance Jio. The company plans to launch 4G LTE much sooner than expected in 8 of the biggest states in the country.

Reliance Communications

Reliance Communications led by Anil Ambani is a minor player in Indian telecom today and we don’t really have any great expectations from it. But they have been smart enough to enter into a deal to share spectrum with Reliance Jio, which should be a decent revenue earner for them.


It is the nation’s biggest telecom company, but it is a public sector company, and makes huge losses because of mismanagement and general inefficiency in how it’s run. BSNL aims to enter the 4G race as well and plans to launch 4G by March 2016.

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