Internet speed by Your ISP – Reality vs Fiction

Before we tell you why you should get a dsl speed test or internet speed test done at Do Speed Test (dospeedtest), let’s quickly understand why the broadband speed promised by your ISP is not what it is claimed to be.

It’s not been long since broadband internet became popular around the world. In fact, until a decade ago, most people were still on dial-up modems. Ever since the broadband become the most commonly used option for those who wanted fast internet speed with fast ping response time, that has changed a lot about things are done in the world.

Now there are hundreds of different options available for those who want a quick broadband connection. It is easy enough to switch between broadband connections, consumers can upgrade or install a new internet connection or change their ISP at a moment’s notice.

There is no such thing as loyalty to an ISP. If consumers find out, by doing an internet speed test or a DSL speed test on Do SpeedTest that their ISP promises much, but delivers little – well, it then does not take them too long to make the switch. It is a very competitive marketplace out there and ISPs that fail to deliver high speeds won’t be in business for too long.

What does Broadband Speed or internet speed Mean?

Internet speed is not really as confusing as you would think it is. It is in fact very easy to explain. Broadband speed is measured in Mbps, which stands for Mega Bytes Per Second. Higher the number of Mbps, faster is the broadband. So an internet speed can vary from 0.5 Mbps to incredibly fast 100 Mbps. Yes, in countries like South Korea, normal speeds are upto 100 Mbps.

For most people around the world, who struggle to get broadband speeds of 0.5 to 2 Mbps, It is hard to imagine that sort of internet speed, in many countries getting internet connection of more than 100 mbps is normal thing.

You can make a further read on: which country has the world’s fastest internet or which country has the world’s slowest internet, to get the better idea.

At high Mbps, you can download faster, watch movies without buffering; stream things you want to see and do everything at the speed of light. You will be amazed the number of things you will be able to get done.

Now, if say you are downloading an MP3 album, it would take you around 15 minutes to do so with a normal 3 Mbps connection that most people around the world have. If you had a 6 Mbps connection, you could download the same in half the time

Optimal internet Speed vs. Actual internet Speed

Unfortunately, the optimal speed promised by your ISP is something you will experience very rarely, because the actual broadband speed is far less. So, don’t trust broadband providers who promise super fast broadband speeds.

Your broadband speed depends on the technology used and the distance your house from the telephone exchange. For sure, it would help to get a dsl speed test or a bandwidth speed test on Do SpeedTest, but you should keep in mind that you can never trust your ISP to deliver optimal broadband speed.

When doing an internet speed test or a bandwidth test on Do Speed Test, be sure to turn off all your download as well as the downloads of others in your house – otherwise you won’t be able to get an accurate reading on the broadband speed test.

How to Increase internet Speed?

There are a plenty of software tools that claim to increase the speed of your broadband connection, but really, all they do is to make your computer more efficient, nothing more than that. If you really want to get the best broadband speed, then you have no choice but to upgrade your plan on your ISP to a faster one, or to switch to a different ISP.

but you can try our Top 10 Tips for Increasing Your Internet Broadband Speed.

On Do Speed Test, you can check out the upload and download speed of various ISPs in your country. Just do a quick broadband speed test or a bandwidth test on Do SpeedTest and find out if you need to switch your ISP.

Meanwhile, you can do things like surfing the internet at a time when not too many people in your vicinity are using it. For example, internet speeds are at their lowest between 7 pm and 10 pm as most people are at home watching videos online or cruising Facebook. If you avoid the internet rush hour traffic, you should be okay! Till then, do an internet speed test at