The Digital Revolution- Internet Revolution

The development of Internet is one of the biggest achievements of Digital revolution. This platform has revolutionized many things in the world. Apart from the knowledge base it provides, There is everything which internet has reshaped.

From the support to the businesses, improved payment systems and many new developments,  science and technology, everything. Though, besides this, the most incredible development which became possible through the internet is connecting to the people.

Websites likes facebook or twitter or applications like whatsapp make it possible through the existence of internet. Nowadays, people love to explore and promote their ideas for the businesses, and creativity through these sites.

Internet make each individual to think differently and brings many changes in the human lives. In fact, all of us eagrly post our ideas that pop up in our mind on the internet on daily basis. Wether you’re recreating technology, reaching out for a help or sharing a creative ideas, internet is the way.

Digital Revolution

With the growing internet usage, it seems like users are enjoying the benefits of internet revolution at its best. The internet revolution is not evolving the lives we were used to have but also in the lives of the have-nots. At present there are 4.48 billion internet users who access the facility. However, this ratio is less when it comes to the developing countries in comparison to the advanced ones.

Currently, there are approximately 483 million total internet users in India which is just 34% of the total population. Whereas in the country like Pakistan, the data is 34 million and this is only around 18% of the total Pakistan population.

Another big economy in the Asia, China which is has the base of 828 million users which is around 52% of the population. With this huge figure, China has the largest user of the internet in the whole world in terms of internet revolution.

However in terms of the percentage, China is way behind the other developed nations. Thus in the developing countries there are huge opportunities which are still to be unearthed in these countries through the internet.

USA has the total number of users is 286 million which 82% of the total population. In the age of digital revolution, the internet users in terms of the percentage is quite higher in the developed countries. So these countries have and added advantage over the developing world.

Another developed country in Europe is Germany which has even better coverage and has 71 million users which is approximately 88% of the total population of Germany. And, as the internet connections are better, they have an extra benefit over us.

In fact, Japan is a technologically well-advance country because of its data of internet users. Ghana has only 19% of the population using the internet. Although, the figures for the countries like Chad fall to only 2% of the population accessing the internet.

Niger is another country where only 2% of the population accesses the internet. While for the country like Guinea, the figures are more dismal and only 1% of the population is able to access the internet.

In the End

The strength of the economy is also dependent of these numbers. The penetration level of internet defines the level of education people have in the country. The number of businesses running through the internet and the number of opportunities which can be explored in that country.

Where there are much more people engaged in the exchange of the ideas, the economy flourishes. The same thing you can trace from the data that Japan has. It is one of the biggest economies and has the 117.9 million user base which is approximately 91% of the total population of the country.

These numbers are strong opinion to show the relative internet usage is a guide to the prosperity whether in the country or region. The level of the penetration becomes a significant fact. It’s also one of the core factors to measure the prosperity of any region or country for the bodies like World Bank.

In the present globalizing world, the use of the internet is an important factor. Furthermore, countries with lower internet users, it becomes difficult for the global entrepreneurs or businesses to see any opportunity. Because, such countries are not well in connection to the globalised world on internet.

These countries often remain dependent on the world aid. They do not become the self sufficient since they do not possess the technological advantages.

Hence for any country to be growing, the use of the internet by its population will be determining factor. It’s giving the edge to one country over the other.