Getting slow Broadband Speed than Promised ?

It is very disappointing to have slow broadband speed than advertised. We usually found slower internet speed than promised by broadband provider. In this case you have some legal rights but its depends on the actual reason for getting lower download speed.

There can be many reasons of getting slow internet speed. Possible that your computer itself has slow configuration and you need to speed up your computer. Or, the wireless router you have at your home or office is getting fail to deliever proper WiFi signals.

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So basically, due to number of factors you may get slow broadband speed than your ISPs agreed to offer. Consider the below points to check if you’re experiencing slow internet speed and what you can do for it.

Broadband Speed is slower than advertised.

Broadband speed you’re getting is not as you promised by your ISP. Your broadband download speed and broadband upload speeds should be match with the promised made at the time of sale. For that, you can do a regular speed test or broadband test on the best internet speed test checking site, Dospeedtest.

Well, but how do you know it’s lesser than the actual speed offered? Here’s how. For example, guaranteed speed of 10 mbps will become a part of contract and if by checking on online speed test checker it’s slower, than it is a breach of contract. It may be a breach of contract. This may rise a claim against your internet service provider.

It is your right to claim for misrepresentation against your broadband provider for serviced offered at time of sign-up.

Advertised broadband speed not guaranteed

Before making any claim you should thoroughly check sign-up form and this may well say that the advertised internet speed is not guaranteed and is the maximum speed you may expect.

Go on thorough review of its website (if have any) and you’ll know about the plans offered and detail of how much speed you can get as per plan. Many internet providers use a word upto, which means you may get the speed but not guaranteed. Read all of them very carefully.

Your contract may even warn of factors that could affect the speed you receive, such as the distance from the telephone exchange.

Use a internet speed checker

The best way to know about the average internet speed is to try your hand on online broadband speed checking tools and websites such as Do speed test.

However, you can’t measure your broadband connection speed based on how fast it seems during normal use, as websites won’t necessarily make use of your full download speeds. In fact, you should use a HTML Speed test checking websites to see whether you are getting a significantly slower service than you should be able to get.

Check that all these things are working normally and are not contributing factors before complaining to your broadband provider.