Broadband Speed Test on Do Speed Test – All the Facts

Internet speed test, DSL speed test, bandwidth test and broadband speed test – you can do them all on Do Speed Test, the #1 Broadband Internet Speed Test tool online. Here, we want to clear any confusion you may have about a broadband speed checker. Let’s start with the basics.

What is Broadband Speed Test?

Before we tell you more about broadband speed test, it is important to know what we mean by “broadband speed”. Broadband speed is the speed from your phone exchange to your router. It is also called as access line speeds and measures the maximum speed between your broadband router and the phone exchange. Your broadband speed depends on the quality of your connection and how far you are from the phone exchange.

There is another concept that you should know about is the Throughput Speed. Throughput speed is the actual speed that you get on your laptop or desktop computer; or on other mobile devices that are connected to the broadband network.

This could be affected by things such as the number of devices in your house that are connected to the broadband as well as the layout of your house – so your broadband speed can be high, but your throughput can be low for various reasons.

What Is Your Broadband Speed?

Your broadband speed is measured in terms of Mbps or megabits per second. There are 1,000,000 bits in a megabyte. This is normally associated with the file transfer speed during a typical download. Your broadband speed may be different during different days and during different times of a day.

Why Should You Do a Broadband Speed Test?

You should do a broadband speed test on Do Speed Test because there is always a possibility that your broadband provider has overpromised on the speed they would deliver you and the speed that they actually provide is much lower than what was promised in the plan.

You should do an internet speed test, bandwidth test or a DSL speed test on Do SpeedTest during several times a day, to find out when your broadband connection is at its fastest and when it is slow, so that you can identify the reasons behind the slow internet speed, if any.

Doing a broadband speed test on Do Speed Test will allow you to compare the internet plan provided by your current ISP with those offered by other internet service providers in your area.

It will also help you compare your broadband speed with those of your friends or neighbors.

Why is Your Broadband Internet Slow?

There are many reasons why your broadband connection is slow. It could be that your phone line is faulty and is incapable of offering any voice clarity. Perhaps your hardware is faulty too. In that case you can boost your internet speed by installing better hardware such as a quality wireless router.

It is possible that you live in a crowded neighbourhood where most people subscribe to the same ISP and use the same broadband channel. In that case you can get better broadband speeds by surfing the internet during the late hours of the night or in the early hours of the morning. Not too many people would be using their internet at this time.

The most usual reason for slow broadband speed is that it is your ISP’s mistake and it is not giving you the promised speed when you signed up for the plan. In this case, other than changing your ISP, there is little else that you can do. How Does A Broadband Speed Test Work On Do SpeedTest?

How It Performs a Test

At Do Speed Test, when you check your broadband speed with us, we send a small amount of data to your browser. This allows us to get a fairly accurate idea of just how fast your connection is, as well as your latency. Then, we send a large amount of data and find out just how fast the data transfer takes place.

Our software does the whole test automatically and does not require any human input. It gives us a very good idea of what your broadband speed is, and the results of the test are then displayed to you. Further, all the test results are then stored on our server, which allows us to report the average speeds available with the various internet service providers in your country.

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