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At, the #1 Indian broadband dsl internet speed test site, we offer the largest collection of Airtel Online Recharge Plans that you can get anywhere in India. We have 2G, 3G and 4G Airtel online recharge plans, as well as top-up, special-recharge, national-roaming, ISD packs and international roaming plans – for ALL Indian states!

In India, Airtel is said to be the #1 telecom company. Started by young entrepreneur Sunil Mittal in the 1990s, Airtel’s rise to the top of India’s corporate sector has been nothing short of phenomenal.

Airtel is not just one of the biggest companies in India, but the largest mobile operator in South Asia and the third biggest in the world. The number of subscribers of Airtel are incredible over 300 million.

Why Choose Airtel Online Recharge Plans?

Airtel has, without doubt, the best network you will find in India. Airtel offers every possible mobile and internet service, such as 2G, 3G, 4G LTE and GSM. Airtel has perhaps the friendliest and most responsive customer support among all telecom companies in India.

Hence, it is by far the number one choice of Indian consumers. The people of India have a strong faith in Airtel’s network – they believe regardless of what happens with other networks, Airtel will never go down.

Airtel has certainly covered all the bases when it comes to satisfying consumers across India the best possible 2G, 3G and 4G LTE services.

Amazing Offers at Airtel Store

You can now get the most amazing offers at the Airtel store on Airtel always comes up with something new – the contests, promos plus discount offers too. There’s something for everyone. You have the choice of the best offers from Airtel’s prepaid mobile services.

You can choose any type of service you would like for Airtel with Do Speed Test. Airtel has the reputation of having the fastest telecom network in India, and has vastly improved its services with the launch of 4G LTE. You can now get fabulous discounts even as you shop for the best Airtel online recharge plans at

Grab Great Offers at Airtel Using

At DoSpeedTest, we have attractive Airtel coupons and vouchers for you from Freecharge and Paytm. You can now use the unique coupon codes on these offers to avail of amazing discounts on every mobile recharge. You will get huge discounts and truly something amazing every time you shop with us.

How to Access the Best Airtel Online Recharge Plans on

It is very easy to get the best Airtel Online Recharge Plans on

Step #1: You will find Airtel recharge plans for all states in India. Click on your state in the list. ( Go To airtel recharge plans info)

Step #2: If your state is Maharashtra, you will find Airtel recharge plans for 2G, 3G, 4G, top-up, special-recharge, national-roaming, ISD packs and international roaming on our site. Click on what you want from the list.

Step #3: If you click on “3G” you will have access to all Airtel 3G plans. Towards the right of your screen, you will see Freecharge Coupons, Paytm Coupons and Airtel Coupons for each plan.

Step #4: If you like, for example, the 28-days, Rs. 1098 plan, click on a Freecharge/Paytm/Airtel box next to it. If you click on Paytm, you will find a number of Paytm recharge coupons. There is one, for example, that will give you a Rs. 10 cashback on Mobile recharges.

Step #5: Click on “Get Coupon”. That takes you to the Paytm web page on, where you will find a coupon code in a box. Copy the coupon code and remember to avail further. Now click on “Shop Now”.

Step #6: This takes you to the Paytm website. Here you can shop as you normally do and get your Airtel online recharge done. While checking out, enter the coupon code. This will get you your discount!

By this, you will be able to get your mobile recharge done and save money as well on Paytm with Paytm Airtel Coupons on

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