A few words about Dospeedtest.com

Why Choose Us for SpeedTest?

In just few years Dospeedtest (Go4speedtest) succeed to make trust on its client for the accuracy of broadband speed test. Currently we uses more than 8 servers (2 in united States, 1 in canada, 2 in European countries, 3 in Asian countries) to test most accurate internet download and upload speed, we have customers from almost every corner of glob. we allow our customer to save their Speedtest result for feature references, one may share it with the world using facebook, twitter or google+. we also facilitate user to check their Ping (Latency) test.

With pride and steady services, we at dospeedtest.com can quite positively claim to be your ultimate bandwidth tester as you will be able to conveniently test your bandwidth be it on any laptob, phone, PC, phablet and of course your tablets to!

We ensue that we keep upgrading our site from time to time, so that you enjoy regular speed test results at the soonest. Thus it starts to work whenever your broadband sets to action mode.

Easy? Well, yes it is!

Whether you want to test your workplace bandwidth speed or simply wish to check it at home, through your mobile, PC, or tablet device, do it now in a jiffy, and get the results in just a matter of time. The website and speed test will automatically identify the device that you a using ad all that you would have to do is click the start option and jet to notice the speed limit that your device enjoys.

Now monitor and manage your broadband connection in the most handy, convenient and effortless way!

Our Talented Team

Our Small but talented team headed by Mr Bhavin who is founder and owner of dospeedtest.com, his idea of internet speed test was converted by Mr Rahul the most important person of this team. later we expand our family to 5 members. we always thanks Mr Przemyslaw to upgrade our dialer.

Some Facts About Us

dospeedtest born on Nov, 2013. In just 3 days we serve more than 251 tests. Our site hits more than 7.25 lac internet speed tests. we start up with small server currently we are using 8+ servers in different countries. we came with our advanced speed test engine in May 2015.


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Our Likes

Our awesome features

We try to make Speedtest easy by providing some simple but effective features

Ping (Latensy) Test

Ping test is process to check response time of your computer. It also know as the delay latency between two networks or computers.

Download Test

It is the important process of broadband speed test. we download random files from our nearest server to your device.

Upload Test

In this internet speed test we Upload random files from your device to our server from where we did download speedtest.


From our own experienced database we find the internet connection provider using your IP address.


user can store their speedtest result for future comparisons. All this services are at free of cost.


We try to support our customer to improve their speedtest performance by our own knowledge and experience.

Our Older Dialer

We are well programmed and developed with the use of Ajax and Java script integrates backed with PHP and a good set of updated backend tools

Our Latest version

This dsl speed test programmed is developed with the use of flash. It is mandatory to have flash installed in your device to perform test.