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Top 10 Results by Internet Service Provider of Nepal

# ISP Latency Download Upload Tests
1 Indreni Heights 134 ms 14.72 Mbps 32.19 Mbps 3
2 Subisu CableNet (Pvt) 392 ms 14.00 Mbps 5.27 Mbps 9
3 WorldLink Communications 168 ms 13.89 Mbps 12.92 Mbps 105
4 Nepalese Service Provider 227 ms 11.52 Mbps 20.43 Mbps 5
5 Jawalakhel 139 ms 10.85 Mbps 14.43 Mbps 29
6 Vianet Communications Pvt. 208 ms 9.80 Mbps 13.98 Mbps 7
7 Communications and communicate Nepal (P)Ltd. 161 ms 9.57 Mbps 12.13 Mbps 8
8 Sahid Marga 154 ms 7.40 Mbps 8.57 Mbps 16
9 Websurfer Nepal 160 ms 6.25 Mbps 6.73 Mbps 108
10 SingNet Pte Ltd 141 ms 5.96 Mbps 4.25 Mbps 7

Top 5 ISP Used in Nepal for Internet Speed Test

# ISP Latency Download Upload Tests
1 Websurfer Nepal 160 ms 6.25 Mbps 6.73 Mbps 108
2 WorldLink Communications 168 ms 13.89 Mbps 12.92 Mbps 105
3 Nepal Telecom 272 ms 2.92 Mbps 5.97 Mbps 34
4 Jawalakhel 139 ms 10.85 Mbps 14.43 Mbps 29
5 Sahid Marga 154 ms 7.40 Mbps 8.57 Mbps 16

Latest 10 Internet Speed Test Results of Nepal

# ISP Latency Download Upload
1 Websurfer Nepal 140 ms 0.89 Mbps 1.02 Mbps
2 Websurfer Nepal 151 ms 1.47 Mbps 2.85 Mbps
3 Websurfer Nepal 123 ms 2.78 Mbps 13.80 Mbps
4 Websurfer Nepal 120 ms 4.29 Mbps 13.82 Mbps
5 Websurfer Nepal 129 ms 11.65 Mbps 13.46 Mbps
6 Indreni Heights 157 ms 35.74 Mbps 39.10 Mbps
7 Websurfer Nepal 122 ms 14.25 Mbps 13.91 Mbps
8 Websurfer Nepal 121 ms 14.22 Mbps 13.82 Mbps
9 Websurfer Nepal 129 ms 2.93 Mbps 2.89 Mbps
10 Websurfer Nepal 137 ms 2.90 Mbps 2.93 Mbps
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Broadband Internet Information of Nepal

Nepal is landlocked nation (entirely surrounded by land) which is located in South Asia. Nepal is home to Mount Everest (Mountain) which is the highest mountain in the world. It is developing country, has population of approximately 27 million and world's 93rd biggest country by area.

It was the year of 1995, when first digital mobile communication service introduced in the Nepal by using GSM (Global System for Mobile communications) world standard digital technology. The decision of his Majesty's Government of Nepal makes the thing possible, the way for the involvement sector in the development of the internet broadband speed.

In 2010 year, Nepal became one of the first countries to launch 3G (third generation network) in South Asia. This new 3G network is taking the internet speed to boom with improved features and offering high speed internet access and enable video calls first time than ever before. First 3G Company was NTC (Nepal Telecom Corporation) and the second Company was Ncell (formerly Mero Mobile), covered Mount Everest with 3G. As per the growing requirement of reliable and fast net connections among nepali, Nepal Telecom has beginning to expand its 3G coverage.

Today, the country has also fiber optic broadband cable in more developed Kathmandu valley region, after the gaining research and implementation on wireless internet broadband speed. Based on project, the internet users are growing rapidly in Nepal. Also, the country has one of the most developed broadband internet speed infrastructure with international submarine communications cable and become relatively easy, fastest, very widespread via the range of technologies in various forms such as high-speed DSL internet, dial-up connections, ADSL internet (adsl speed), dsl speed, ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network), ADSL broadband speed etc.

According to report, Nepal Telecom (NT) has asked to Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) for permission to launch 4G mobile services. The state-backed telco says it is ready to begin upgrading its system. This fourth generation network is high speed data technology, provides ultra-broadband internet access for android cell phones and gives high data transfer rates make 4G networks suitable for use in USB modem for home internet access. So that 4G user can access the internet without having to wait and also the video quality is going to improve with better quality resolutions and clarity. As per recent report, the global internet speed is continues growing 1.8% quarter over quarter and 24% year on year to extend 3.9Mbit/s.

Nowadays, it is necessarily needed to test your internet speed connection at different time with internet speed checking tool or internet speed checker tool. Internet broadband speed test tool is the only way to ensure your ISP (Internet Service Provider) is performing as promised. For internet speed test Nepal, some of the most trusted broadband internet speed test tools are, bandwidthplace,, etc.

As per the broadband internet speed at dospeedtest, the internet speedtest Nepal or broadband speed test Nepal or dsl speed test Nepal tested (till 1st Jan 2018), some of the most used ISPs (Internet Service Provider) are WorldLink Communications, Nepal Telecom, Ncell etc and according to that, average download speed Nepal is 4.15 Mbps and average upload speed Nepal 4.04 Mbps.

Nepal internet speedtest, average speed, bandwidth speed test results. Test Nepal internet speed test with fast internet speed test in Nepal and check out the real speed of your broadband connections in country and compare your results.

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# data till 1st January 2018 from dospeedtest tested from Nepal