Broadband Speed test

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# Country ISP Download Upload Last Speedtest
1 Puerto Rico Datacom Caribe 1.21 Mbps 0.24 Mbps 12 minutes 29 seconds ago.
2 Puerto Rico Datacom Caribe 0.30 Mbps 0.23 Mbps 13 minutes 40 seconds ago.
3 Puerto Rico Liberty Cablevision of Puerto Rico 41.05 Mbps 6.23 Mbps 18 minutes 35 seconds ago.
4 Panama Cable Onda 10.84 Mbps 2.57 Mbps 21 minutes 31 seconds ago.
5 Indonesia Internux 35.92 Mbps 3.23 Mbps 29 minutes 22 seconds ago.
6 Indonesia Internux 32.62 Mbps 3.92 Mbps 30 minutes 38 seconds ago.
7 Indonesia Internux 32.75 Mbps 3.88 Mbps 31 minutes 43 seconds ago.
8 Indonesia Internux 24.47 Mbps 3.91 Mbps 32 minutes 23 seconds ago.
9 Puerto Rico Puerto Rico Telephone Company (Mobtester) 8.67 Mbps 0.36 Mbps 37 minutes 45 seconds ago.
10 Puerto Rico Liberty Cablevision of Puerto Rico 9.34 Mbps 0.61 Mbps 41 minutes 38 seconds ago.

Internet Speed Test checking tool is developed and programmed with the use of Java & Ajax script integrates with PHP and other high-end backend tools. With the use of dospeedtest user can check its current internet upload and download speed using laptop, pc, tabulate, mobile phone without any hassle. For the accurate and consistent speed performance use our internet speed test checking tool.

The idea behind developing do speed test is to know the actual performance of your internet connection (Broadband Connection). Speed test result will show you ping time, upload speed and download speed along with the city, country and IP address.

Getting Lower Speed result ???

Before getting to any conclusion take some quick steps to improve your internet connection speed (Broadband Connection Speed). There may be other factors that might affect your internet speed. which results in lower dsl speed.

Re-start the test : sometimes server conjunction may result in lower speed result. We recommend you to perform speedtest thrice before reaching any conclusion.

Close all other programs like downloading and uploading of file,open internet Browser, sharing of files, live streaming videos or songs or video chat.

Try to connect your computer directly with the device. it will avoid un-necessary data lose of internet connection. Do not forget to restart modem or Router

Avoid running multiple devices at once on the single modem or router. Turn off smartphones, tablets, Smart TVs, set-top boxes or other devices that you aren’t currently using and see if your Internet speed increases.

Disclaimer about internet Speed Test

The upload and download speed test is basically a process of uploading and downloading a test file from our server. Sometimes the internet speed test result may affect by our server response time.