Dual Carrier - New Technology Introduced by Airtel (4G like speed on 3G)

20 Nov 2017
Dual Carrier - New Technology Introduced by Airtel (4G like speed on 3G)

On 16 Jan 2017, Bharti Airtel - India's largest telecom operator introduced its first new technology called ‘Dual Carrier’ technology in capital-city New Delhi. With additional spectrum, it delivers 4G like internet speeds on existing 3G networks.

Bharti Airtel already has ‘Carrier Aggregation’ technology in several circles that combines spectrum capacity in 1800 MHz (FD-LTE) and 2300 MHz (TD-LTE) for internet speeds up to 135 Mbps with compatible handsets. Nowadays, airtel roll out on Dual Carrier technology, which is deployed with upgraded mobile network and combines the spectrum capacities of two 5MHz carriers in the 2100 MHz band that helps in significant way to boost network capacity through highly efficient usage. As part of the network upgrade, Dual Carrier technology promises a superior mobile experience in the form of better voice quality, faster data speeds and enhance overall network experience through improved coverage and stability, both – indoors and outdoors.

The highlight of Dual Carrier technology deployment, customer will be able to enjoy seamless 4G data speed experience with superior network even when they are on 3G network. The upgrade will allow customers to enjoy extended battery life on their handsets and optimizing the backend engagement between mobile devices and the network.

This technology is yet another milestone for Airtel customers, and which it deploys advanced solutions for better network coverage.

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