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Internet speed by Your ISP - Reality vs Fiction
It's not been long since broadband internet became popular around the world. In fact, until a decade ago, most people were still on dial-up modems. Ever since the broadband become the most commonly used option for those who wanted fast internet speed with fast ping response time, that has changed a lot about things are done in the world. Now there are hundreds of different options available for those who want a quick broadband connection. It is easy enough to switch between broadband connections, consumers can upgrade or install a new internet connection or change their ISP at a moment's notice... Continue reading
Internet of Things in India by 2020
There is a lot of talk of the Internet of Things in India by 2020. The Internet of Things (IoT) is a relatively new concept that has been made possible by the availability of fast internet connections and Wi-Fi networks. The whole point of the IoT (Internet of Things) is that anything that can be connected will be connected to the network. With advances in accuracy, reliability and technology of advance tech, Internet of Things will become the next big thing to grow rapidly in India by 2020... Continue reading
What is the Number of Internet Users in India?
450 million – that is the number of internet users in India, at least, as of June 2017. That is higher than the total US population. It took 10 years for the number of Internet users in India to grow from 10 million to 100 million. Suddenly, back in 2013, the numbers grew by 100 million to 200 million, and in 2014, from 200 million to 300 million. In the first 6 months of 2015, the number of internet users in India grew by 52 million. The same growth rate is expected to be maintained over the second half of 2015. What is clear from these stats is that many more people in India are taking... Continue reading
Airtel vs Reliance Jio - Who Will Win The 4G War In India?
For over a decade and a half, Bharti Airtel dominated the telecom business in India, providing affordable 3G voice and internet access to one and all. But Airtel's days at the top may well be numbered, with the impending launch of 4G services across India by Reliance Jio, the telecommunications arm of India's biggest company, Reliance Industries Limited. Reliance Jio has been talked about for long as the game changer in Indian telecom, and now.... Continue reading
Which Country Has the World's Fastest Internet speed ?
The Internet has come a long way over the last decade and a half. In 1995, less than 1% of the world's population had access to the Internet. Today, the Internet is used by over 40% of the global population. Indeed, the growth of Internet usage has been nothing short of phenomenal. In 2005, the world had 1 billion internet users. In 2010, we had 2 billion internet users. 2014 saw the number of internet users reach 3 billion... Continue reading
Why Did Facebook's Free Basics Fail in India?
Free Basics was Facebook's effort to bring internet access to the poor of India. At Do Speed Test, the world's #1 broadband speed test tool, we were eagerly looking forward to working with Facebook's Free Basics. But that wasn't to be so as a committee set up by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) has asked all telecom operators in India to stop Facebook's Free Basics service. While this is unfortunate, it is important to understand why Facebook's Free Basics was essentially an ill conceived effort... Continue reading
Facebook's Good or Bad
There are many things about on how good, how bad it is and whether it is against net neutrality. For those people who are not sure about and want to know, we are going to explain in simple terms. Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been promoting an initiative called the There's a lot of controversy over and it has been opposed vigorously by thousands of activists around the world, charge Facebook of attempting to do away with Net Neutrality through the We discuss everything you need to know about and whether it is a force for the good or the bad... Continue reading
What Is Net Neutrality And Why It Is Important?
The internet is the pervasive and most powerful platform on the planet, which is simply too great to be left without rules and without a referee on the field. If you are not aware of about net neutrality, don't worry. Here we are going to tell you…what is net neutrality and why it is important? It was the time of 1980s and 1990s, when the internet started to take off. There were no specific rules that asked that ISP (internet service provider) should follow the same principle. But, just because telecomunications operators were also ISPs, they adhered to the same principle. This principle is known as net neutrality... Continue reading
What is the Internet of Things (IoT) ?
What are the things in internet of things? The Internet of Things, or IoT as it is known as, is a very new concept, but one that comes with a lot of promise. Internet of Things began as nothing more than an idea - an idea of an interconnected home. Then one thing led to another, and pretty soon, the Internet of Things became an opportunity that is today worth hundreds of billions of dollars, in such a short time. How did the "Internet of Things" originate??? Continue reading
Top 10 Tips To Increase Your Internet Broadband Speed
In this dynamic world of technology, it is a fact that internet broadband speeds are higher than ever before. Then why should we wait for a fraction of second for any action/work result. So, whether you are at home or office, having an intense and fast internet connection speed has now become an essential component of your daily life. Have you felt frustrated that a file download takes too long, a web page takes long time to load, or that the video streaming is impossible to watch because of the constant buffering??? Continue reading