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How to Troubleshoot wireless router problem?
Do you have a problem with your Wi-Fi signal? Do you find it slow and unreliable? It's probably due to your router. The router is a device that brings internet to your many devices – laptop, desktop, Android, iPhone or iPad. Use these troubleshooting guidelines to solve wireless router problem, keep in mind there may be more than one issue involved. The most important thing about a router is its wireless speed. This can be impacted by several factors, such as interference from different objects such as microwave, stereo system, etc., too many devices sharing the same access point and having to fight for a limited bandwidth. Here, we offer some excellent Router Troubleshooting Tips... Continue reading
How to make a mobile phone a hotspot ?
Use your mobile internet connection to create a personal wireless network for other devices A personal wireless network may be needed quite often. Personal broadband network can be used to quickly access the internet or to transfer files across devices when other wireless networks are down. It can be really easy to set up a personal wireless network.... Continue reading
What factor affect internet browsing speed ?
Who wouldn't love to watch their favorite show or download that much needed file in the blink of an eye? In the quest for fast internet speeds, we usually ensure that we have shopped around for the best ISP (Internet Service Provider) and even taken the package that lets you access your Wi-Fi anywhere in your home or office. But did you know that even the fastest internet speeds can be affected by your internet browser Continue reading
The Different type of Broadband Internet connections
The word broadband internet used to mean something back when dial-up was the standard. Now, broadband can mean a whole range of types of connections. For those of us who have the luxury of selecting from a multitude of connection types, it might be confusing on which type of broadband internet is the best value for you. If you have broadband internet, you might be wondering if your service is worth what you pay for, as well. These are the four basic types of broadband that are available, and how they stack-up... Continue reading
Getting slow Broadband Speed than Promised ?
It is very disappointing to have slow internet speed than advertised. We usually found slower internet speed compare to advertised by broadband provider. In this case you have some legal rights but its depends on the actual reason for getting lower download speed... Continue reading
Which City Has The World's Fastest Internet in 2017?
So, which city has the world's fastest internet in 2017? Don't you want to know? We certainly do! We have compiled a list of the top 10 cities with the world's fastest internet in 2017. With this article, we bring to you a list of the cities with the fastest internet speeds worldwide. The list is based on the average download speed in each city... Continue reading
Reliance Jio - All postpaid and prepaid plans info
You will find ALL Reliance Jio 4G, Top-Up, Full-Talktime and Special Recharge plans on our site. We also have the basic plan from Reliance Jio which is very popular – the Rs. 309 plan valid for 56 days that allows you to make unlimited local and STD voice calls, with unlimited roaming voice calls to any network. In addition, you will be given 56 GB 4G data and unlimited local and national SMS for free... Continue reading