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# Country ISP Latency Download Upload Last Speedtest
1 United States 248 ms 2.51 Mbps 3.12 Mbps 35 minutes ago.
2 United States 247 ms 3.78 Mbps 1.61 Mbps 40 minutes 13 seconds ago.
3 United States 250 ms 4.05 Mbps 2.48 Mbps 49 minutes 22 seconds ago.
4 United States 238 ms 2.29 Mbps 0.85 Mbps 53 minutes 29 seconds ago.
5 United States 239 ms 2.48 Mbps 0.70 Mbps 59 minutes 25 seconds ago.
6 United States 1015 ms 1.01 Mbps 0.04 Mbps 1 hour 5 minutes 30 seconds ago.
7 Spain Telefonica de Espana 117 ms 17.35 Mbps 13.04 Mbps 1 hour 8 minutes 22 seconds ago.
8 United States 563 ms 1.80 Mbps 0.20 Mbps 1 hour 10 minutes 54 seconds ago.
9 United States 610 ms 1.26 Mbps 0.04 Mbps 1 hour 16 minutes 31 seconds ago.
10 United States 1070 ms 0.58 Mbps 0.03 Mbps 1 hour 18 minutes 28 seconds ago.

Broadband dsl internet speed test checker for global users

Use our broadband speed testing tool to find out your current internet speed. Featuring a very simple tool, our remarkably accurate results for broadbandspeed tests are based on a network of servers all around the globe.Speed test results are displayed in no time. All you have to do is make a small click and we offer you results within only a few seconds. Our tool also offers you information on other parameters of your internet connection.

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We recommend you to speed test frequently for better and accurate measurement

Use our broadband tester to find out your internet speed

When you visit our website, we automatically display to you your internet details including your public IP address, your location and your internet service provider. You can make use of our speed test tool website to find out your connection speed including:

  • DSL speed: DSL speed is displayed in megabytes and is the current speed offered by your broadband internet connection. The higher the DSL speed, the better your broadband internet connection.
  • Download speed: Download speed is the speed of your machine receiving a packet of data from remote servers. Most internet connections feature much better download speeds than upload speeds. Download speed is displayed in megabytes
  • Upload speed: Upload speed is the speed of sending data from your machine to our remote servers. A good upload speed is necessary when you want to send out big files or when you need to video chat. Upload speed is also displayed in megabytes
  • Ping test: The ping test on our servers can be used to detect the latency of your internet connection. Essentially used to check the response time of your internet connection, a faster ping rate means a more responsive internet connection. Ping rates are displayed in milliseconds.

Our broadband speedtest is reliable and accurate, thanks to our network of servers spread out globally. Use our tool every day to find out your current internet speed.

Disclaimer about internet Speed Test result

The upload and download speed test is basically a process of uploading and downloading a test file from our server. Sometimes the internet speed test result may affect by our server response time.